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Pearland Small Business Saturday (PSBS) began operations in 2016. We a few single Moms and some small local businesses  saw a need not only in our own lives but in other's lives of others who were financially struggling. The show was born to give all of us an opportunity to work a side hustle, helping ourselves and each other bring in extra income, lean on one another, and network business to make ends meet. With the support of our local community, our neighbors, and one another we were off to begin our adventure. 

"When helping others, do not look for a reward: if you are looking for rewards, do not help others." 

Chinese Proverb



Originally our mission began as an avenue for single Mothers, struggling small business, and anybody who 

operate a side hustle to make financial ends meet.  We offered guest vendor spots to help offset the cost of start up, we provided lunch and sometimes breakfast for our vendors. We serve as a drop off location for the Pearland Neighborhood Center.


The mission was to make our vendor family feel just like blood related family, and in some cases our vendor family became easier to deal with than blood related, lol. 

Our mission continues to help others as family and friends should help one another. Welcome to our village. 


The original vision was to run with this business concept, build on our connections, skills, and community then eventually become a village offering family centered events while continuing to provide avenues to help others. While that vision hasn't changed it HAS been put on hold many times over. This temperamental Texas weather caused many delays and cancellations, COVID-19 took us out for a couple of years. We have seen our share of challenges but we are back and consider it a blessing to have the opportunity to live out a vision that is the hearts desire and all the while helping our fellow villagers.



A True Entrepreneur is not just a DREAMER but a DOER!  

We are very proud to share that since the birth of our adventure six of our entrepreneur family members that started with a simple 10x10 space in a parking lot and a dream have gone on to brick and mortar locations right here within our community. 

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