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Where do I find and complete the application?

You can find the appropriate month's show applications by clicking on the Vendor Lounge tab, then the application.


How do I pay my booth fees?

In the Vendor Lounge there is a "Buy Now" tab, clicking on that tab will take you to the PP link.


How do I know if I am confirmed?

Once we receive a completed application and your payment appears posted in the PP account you are considered confirmed. We will follow up with a conformation email.


What months are Texas Small Business Artisan Market (PSBS) show's held?

PSBS kicks off fall in Spetember, we try and follow with October, November (dedicated to our Veterans), and December winds up the short fall season. We then have ONE show in April & May NO summer shows (it's too darn hot).

What if a show is called for some reason, how will I know?

We at Texas Small Business Artisan Market (PSBS) do our best to NOT have to call a show, but sometimes this Texas weather just gets the best of us and sometimes it fools the heck out of us. In either case if we call a show we immediately post it all over Facebook, we update the website and we will send out a group email to those vendors that are confirmed for that day.


Why do some of your show dates conflict with Pearland Town Center's and some of the other local show dates?

While us promoters all try and work together, sometimes things just simply get scheduled on top of one another.  PSBS has also found that multiple multiple shows scheduled sometimes makes for a day out of shopping multiple locations, enjoying family friendly activities, and networking with others while supporting our community . Texas Small Business Artisan Market (PSBS) supports all of our other events/shows/small business and we try to get out to visit them as much as possible.


Do you have indoor space available?

This depends on the location the event will be held. Saloon Door West has a few select indoor spaces. 

What is my vendor fee used for?

Cities requires us to permit with them and that is fee based from $65.00 up to d$150 depending on the city. We pay for a web-site page (we host it ourselves, and that's often dangerous), lol, there are banners, flyers, printing costs, promotion costs, special events for the kids, Santa rental, treats for our guests, drawing's for prize costs. We try and donate (through Pearland Neighborhood Center) some kind of funds/gift card/food supplies to a special family in need in the area. Texas Small Business Artisan Market (PSBS) truly is about supporting local and helping one another succeed.


How does Pearland Small Business Saturday respond to fraud acquisitions?

YES we really did have to include this because it was eventually going to happen from someone. Blessing is that we went seven years before somebody decided to challenge our honesty. We are an honest, well known, local community involved group of people and pride ourselves on being fair. FRAUD acquisition's WILL NOT be tolerated personally, social media wise, or in any other form. Please be CLEAR on the rules before signing an application so that we do not have to remove you from our group of vendors. We love our vendor family but we simply cannot have negativity from misinformed individuals in our mix.


Why is my fee non-refundable in most cases?

Our fee for our shows is reasonable and below most other shows in the area. We keep it that way in order for our vendors to be able to afford a reasonable space in a great location and hopefully still make money. The fee is non-refundable (in most cases) because fees are used BEFORE the show (see above), the show work has been well under way months before the show. We cannot just give away our time spent out promoting, paying for websites, purchasing give away's, renting characters, photographers, banners, printing costs, etc....


How do I become a part of the promotions team?

Texas Small Business Artisan Market (PSBS) is always looking for help in getting our name out there, in reaching more guests for our family to sell to, to making new friends, to networking opportunities, and of course meeting our neighbors so just look one of us up, find us on FB, shoot us and email and we will get back to you.


How long has Texas Small Business Artisan Market (PSBS) been doing this gig?

It's been seven years for us, it was a great start, a rough middle, and now we are pretty much lovin it (except for this Texas weather, lol) the weather can certainly be a challenge sometime.


I am new to the family, what do I need to bring?

Hi there, we are happy to have you join us. You will enjoy networking and meeting our other family members. Most vendors have at least a 10X10 EZ Up, tables, covering for their tables, and various display cases, items, shelves, etc.... Pintrest has tons of ideas for displays and can help. VERY IMPORTANT - Some kind of weight to hold your tent, free weights, pvc filled with cement, cinder blocks, anything that will weigh it down. Bungie cords, rope, some vendors bring tarps just in case the wind kicks up so they can close in their areas, chairs, business cards, signs, zip ties.


Is there food, drink, restrooms?

We usually have some kind of food truck, be sure and check our website to see, restrooms are located inside the saloon. Some vendors bring water, canned drinks and snacks. 


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